New Listing! Challenger 601-3A/ER N65FF

Author: Chris Meisner, February 17, 2013

Come view this 3,000 nm range beauty here in Chicago! This Challenger 601-3A/ER has just received fresh inspections and a gear overhaul and is turn-key!

Challenger 601-3A/ER N65FF

The Bombardier challenger 601-3A/ER is an extended range version of the Challenger 601-3A, and boasts greater range, performance, and reliability. The biggest upgrade on this model was to its power-plant. The Challenger 601-3A/ER is powered by two high-bypass General Electric CF34-3A engines that each produce a staggering 9,140 lbs of thrust during take-off, and enable the jet to achieve a maximum speed of 476 knots, although for long range cruising this drops to a maximum cruise speed of 459 knots. Thanks to this increased performance, the 601-3A/ER is able to fly for up to 3,875 miles without needing to stop for fuel. The Challenger 601-3A/ER also features winglets on its wings which work to reduce the effects of drag, a glass cockpit, and a larger fuel capacity thanks to an extra fuel tank in the tail cone that can hold an additional 180 gallons. The Bombardier Challenger 601-3A/ER has a maximum flight ceiling of 41,000 feet.

N65FF CabinThe 601-3A/ERhas a cabin with a contemporary feel, despite the age of the jet. It is a genuine stand-up space, and particularly long and wide, making the interior perfect for long haul travel. In its standard configuration between 10 to 12 passengers can usually be accommodated, but other seating configurations are possible, making for a generous maximum passenger capacity of 19. The cabin also features an extensive galley area and private enclosed lavatory, and is renowned for being an extremely quiet cabin. The 601-3A/ER is one of the finest long range jets available.

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