New Inventory: Lear 31A under $1M!!

Author: Chris Meisner, January 20, 2013

1992 Lear 31A N352EF Asking: $995,000

Lear_31A_N352EFThis Lear 31A will get you to your destination FAST and can carry up to 8 passengers +2 crew with a full load of baggage! N352EF is among one of the best looking 31A’s available under $1M and is personally owned by Meisner Aircraft and well maintained! Highlights include:

  • Fresh 1200 hr inspection September 2013
  • EFIS Cockpit
  • Big Cargo Door Option!
  • On MSP


  • Our 90 Day Listing Guarantee If we don’t sell your airplane in 90 days, walk away owing us ZERO. Period.
  • FREE current Market Appraisals. Find out what your airplane is worth for FREE! Our analyst is at your service.
  • 10% of our fee goes directly to charity! Click HERE to learn more.
  • Complete Service with fleet consulting, training resources, tax-saving like-kind or 1031 exchanges and more!
  • We can take your Trade-In! We know what it’s like to own, and want to trade-up seamlessly. Meisner allows you to do the deal NOW instead of 6 months from now when your old airplane finally sells.

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