SOLD! 2000 Lear 45

Author: Chris Meisner, February 8, 2014

Update 3/7/14: JUST SOLD!! With only 2700 hours since new, this 2001 Lear 45 is a screaming deal!

Lear 45 s/n 158


JUST SOLD!! Meisner Aircraft has purchased a 2001 Lear 45 with only 2700 TT. Priced to sell quickly, this airplane will not last long




  • Our 90 Day Listing Guarantee If we don’t sell your airplane in 90 days, walk away owing us ZERO. Period.
  • FREE current Market Appraisals. Find out what your airplane is worth for FREE! Our analyst is at your service.
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  • Complete Service with fleet consulting, training resources, tax-saving like-kind or 1031 exchanges and more!
  • We can take your Trade-In! We know what it’s like to own, and want to trade-up seamlessly. Meisner allows you to do the deal NOW instead of 6 months from now when your old airplane finally sells.

Buying or selling an airplane can result in large net gains or losses. With Meisner Aircraft, you’re ensured to be on the winning side of that battle and you’ll come out ahead – Far ahead.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company who needs to travel globally, or an independent business owner wanting to expand your growing company domestically; Meisner Aircraft will find the most efficient travel solution and deliver results like no one else.

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