SOLD! 2000 Lear 45

Author: Chris Meisner, February 8, 2014

Update 3/7/14: JUST SOLD!! With only 2700 hours since new, this 2001 Lear 45 is a screaming deal! Call us now before we advertise it on the open market!

Lear 45 s/n 158


JUST SOLD!! Meisner Aircraft has purchased a 2001 Lear 45 with only 2700 TT. Priced to sell quickly, this airplane will not last long







  • Our 90 Day Listing GuaranteeA�a�� If we dona��t sell your airplane in 90 days, walk away owing us ZERO. Period.
  • FREEA�currentA�Market Appraisals.A�Find out what your airplane is worth for FREE! Our analyst is at your service.
  • 10%A�of our fee goes directly to charity!A�Learn more.
  • Complete serviceA�with fleet consulting, training resources, tax-saving like-kind or 1031 exchanges and more!
  • We can take your Trade-In!A�We know what ita��s like to own, and want to trade-up seamlessly. A�Meisner allows you to do the deal NOW instead of 6 months from now when your old airplane finally sells.


Buying or selling an airplane can result in large net gains or losses. With Meisner Aircraft, youa��re ensured to be on the winning side of that battle and youa��ll come out aheada�� Far ahead.


Whether youa��re a Fortune 500 company who needs to travel globally, or an independent business owner wanting to expand your growing company domestically; Meisner Aircraft will find the most efficient travel solution and deliver results like no one else.

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