New Listing! 1985 Citation SII N220BP

Author: Chris Meisner, February 17, 2013

This Citation SII has over 1400 nm range and can carry up to 8 passengers +2 crew! N220BP will not last long!

This Cessna Citation SII is incredibly turn-key. It’s currently owned by a client of ours who is upgrading into one of our Citation V’s.A�

The Citation S/II, or Super II, is a modification ofA�Cessnaa��s best-ever selling business jet.A� It carries more and goes faster than its predecessor, while stillA�maintaining its reputation for simplicity and economy.

At the time of the Citation II release, everyone else inA�the industry was trying to outdo each other by making the heaviest, mostA�complicated, hard-to-fly jet.A� TheA�Citation II defied all of the trends with its simple systems and manufacturingA�techniques, dramatically reducing operating and purchase costs.A� Its focus on simplicity and economy was soA�effective in the air, and popular among pilots and jet owners that it reversedA�jet design trends all over the private jet industry.

Citation SII N220BP

Just because the Citation SII systems are simple, it most definitely does not mean they arena��t safe.A�A� The Citation SII is certified under FAR part 25 airworthiness standardsA�a�� standards that are mandatory for big airliners like the Boeing 747.

The Citation series was a radical change for the better in the private jet industry.A� ItA�was so influent

ial that the president of Cessna was awarded the Collier Trophy, a national award that recognizes major achievements in the advancement ofA�aviation.